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YOTC's mission is to connect members to Christ by delivering the authentic message of salvation in English while adhering to the EOTC doctrine, cannon and tradition. Through various services, we aim to bring young adults closer to the Church and ensure spiritual growth for devout Christians while providing an inclusive environment.


YOTC’s vision is to build a generation of young Orthodox Tewahedo Christians who  will uphold  their  faith  in  their communities and reflect Christ’s commandments in their everyday  lives. 

  1. Impartial love towards everyone (Matthew 5:46)

  2. Service without the expectation of recognition (Luke 17:10)

  3. Inclusion without Judgement (Matthew 9:11)

  4. Spiritual progression on a personal level  (Galatians 6:2)

  5. Emphasizing equal importance of servants (1 Corinthians 12:20-25)

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms." 1 Peter 4:10





YOTC was established in 2014 to bridge the gap between young people and the Ethiopian/Eritrean Orthodox Church. We want to show the love of Christ to many of the youth and young adults who may have strayed away from God or never had a relationship with God as well as provide resources to help those who have a relationship with God but want to strengthen it. We do this with the love of Christ with no judgment and no conditions; we welcome all to come as they are and we will embrace you with the love of Christ. We have a beautiful family with a solid support system and we want to spread that love to as many people as possible. Life and living in this world is hard and it is even harder without the hope and faith in God; we all go through so many challenges day in and day out and it can seem so daunting and hopeless. However, in all of our experiences, what keeps us going, gives us hope and moves us toward joy is the love of God that we experience through each other. We are honestly blessed to have YOTC and have seen throughout the years how God has placed everything in order to help us learn, grow and most of all love. Therefore, we want to share this love that God has blessed us with by working hard to spread His word through our various educational, humanitarian and fellowship services. We also provide numerous resources to help guide individuals in their spiritual journey, no matter where they start. And now being approved and supervised by the arch diocese of the DMV area through the arch bishop His grace Abuna Fanuel our service has been exponentially growing. Whether you have been in the church as a young person and left for any reason, have been going to church for many years but don't really know what is going on, have no knowledge about Orthodox or Christianity, have been lukewarm and want to strengthen your relationship with God or you have completely given up on believing in God, we are here to help!

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