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"Hear my cry for help, my King and my God, for to you I pray." Psalm 5:2

Prayer of Faith

O! God of Israel, My Savior whom you truly reveal yourself for penitents and hides from the proud, I need your presence in my life now more than ever. You have been my shore when I was in storm. You have been my rest in the past when I astray and wonder away from you. You were the true quencher of my thirst in life. But that seems to be all far gone now. Now why do I feel that I am all abandoned? Why don’t I feel the presence and love of my Savior? Why do I feel I am distant from you my Father? I know it’s because I allowed sin to cover the sight of my inner soul. I permitted my guilt to hinder Your work of grace. Now the devil wants me to lose faith not only in You but in myself. But You my anchor, please remind myself that You love me for Your name sake. Give me faith to realize that You welcomed me because I am Your child bought by Your blood. I pray that the Holy Spirit to tell my wretched soul that she is worthy of Your grace. My unlimited sin even won’t reach to the scale of love that You have for my soul. My Father, tell this broken soul to have faith and patience that one day she sees the utmost love You have for her. How You like her. How You adore her. How You would give up anything for her even the ninety nines that you have. Tell that from the filth of sin You would enjoy to clean and wash her. With cloth of mercy You would delight to comfort her. Tell her that you would nourish her with not only perishable food but Your everlasting body. Like a lamp that almost depleted its oil my faith is fainting. If I have faith like the mustard seed I would’ve moved the mountain of unbelief from my life. But Lord as the sick child’s father on Mark 9:24 said, “Help my unbelief”. Help my unbelief in Your deliverance and help me to have faith that I still am loved by You. . In Christ Jesus our Lord name, with the intercession of Your Mother Holy Virgin Mary, with the prayer of Angeles, saints, martyrs and the righteous, Amen.

Prayer of Strength

My Heavenly Father and my Lord I failed in front of Your Holy eyes. You created me in a way that You created no other creatures. Your hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn your commandments (Psalm 119) but I failed. Even after You come to save me in flesh I failed You. After You grant me everything I wished in life, I again failed. I failed to see You but You crafted eyes on me; I failed to hear Your voice though Your Holy hands made my ears. I failed to welcome You in my heart and soul yet you breathed that soul within me. Every morning though You eagerly wait of my return and every night You hope for my repentance. But because of this corrupted filthy flesh I ignore you. Saint Paul asked the Galatians who bewitched them not to see who He evidently set forth, crucified among them (Gal 3). I am far worse than them for I see your miraculous works in me but still ignore them. Please Father give me strength to take of the blindfold of distraction from my eyes to see you. I am like that Canaanite women who implored you to heal her daughter in Matthew 15:22. I beg of Your crumb of forgiveness which I am evidently not worthy of. Don’t ignore Your surrendered child. There is no other who will pick me up from my darkest pit. I am sick like the one who was paralyzed and was on bed for 38 years. Let Your words strength my joints so I can get up from the bed of sin. Give me strength so that I don’t lose hope. The devil is telling me that I am an abandoned child; he is whispering on my ears that my sins made me unacceptable in front of Your eyes. Yes I am a sinner who betrayed my Father but give me strength that I believe that You never left me. I made your temple a den of thieves. Give me strength to cast out the sins that corrupted my flesh so that you will dwell in me. 

These prayers are based on the fruits of the spirit that Saint Paul mentions in Galatians 5. It is constructed to be more personal and relatable. 

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Prayer for Love

Additional Prayers

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