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scriptural Prayers


O My Lord, You alone are our King.  Help me, who am alone and have no help but you! For my risk of danger is in my hand.  I have heard from my birth in the tribe of my family that you, O Lord, chose Israel our of all the nations, and our fathers out of all their ancestors, for an everlasting inheritance, and do for whatever You have spoken.  Now we sinned before You, and You have delivered us into the hand of our enemies because we have worshiped their gods.  O Lord, You are righteous.  But now they are not satisfied with the bitter state of our bondage, but they have pledged to their idols to abolish the decree You have spoken and to destroy Your inheritance, to close the mouths of those who praise You and to extinguish the glory of Your temple and Your altar, and to open the mouths of the heathen to proclaim the virtues of their false gods and to extol a human king forever. 


O Lord, do not give Your scepter over to those who are not.  Do not let them laugh at our fall, but turn their counsel against themselves, and make an example of the one who rules against us.  Remember us, O Lord, Manifest Yourself in the time of our affliction, and encourage me, O King of gods and ruler over every power.  Grant to my mouth proper words in the presence of the lion, to turn his heart to a hatred of our enemy, so that he and those agreeing with him may perish.  Save us by Your hand, and help me who am alone and have no one but You, O Lord. 


You know all things, and You know I hate the glory of the lawless and abhor the bed of the uncircumcised and of every foreigner.  You know my necessity, for I abhor the symbol of my proud station which is upon my head on the days when I appear in public, as if it were a menstrual rag, and I do not wear it on the days I am alone.  Your handmaid has not eaten at the table of Haman, nor have I honored the banquet of the king, nor drunk the wine of libations.  Neither has Your handmaid rejoiced since the day of her elevation, except in You, O Lord, God of Abraham. O God who have power over all, hear the voice of us in despair, and deliver us from the hand of those acting wickedly, and deliver me from my fear. 


“My heart rejoices in the Lord;
    in the Lord my horn is lifted high.
My mouth boasts over my enemies,
    for I delight in your deliverance.

 “There is no one Holy like the Lord;
    there is no one besides you;
    there is no Rock like our God.

 “Do not keep talking so proudly
    or let your mouth speak such arrogance,
for the Lord is a God who knows,
    and by him deeds are weighed.

 “The bows of the warriors are broken,
    but those who stumbled are armed with strength.
 Those who were full hire themselves out for food,
    but those who were hungry are hungry no more.
She who was barren has borne seven children,
    but she who has had many sons pines away.

 “The Lord brings death and makes alive;
    he brings down to the grave and raises up.
 The Lord sends poverty and wealth;
    he humbles and he exalts.
 He raises the poor from the dust
    and lifts the needy from the ash heap;
he seats them with princes
    and has them inherit a throne of honor.

“For the foundations of the earth are the Lord’s;
    on them he has set the world.
 He will guard the feet of his faithful servants,
    but the wicked will be silenced in the place of darkness.

“It is not by strength that one prevails;
 those who oppose the Lord will be broken.
The Most High will thunder from heaven;
    the Lord will judge the ends of the earth.

“He will give strength to his king
    and exalt the horn of his anointed.”


“Blessed are you, O Lord, God of our ancestors, and worthy of praise; and glorious is Your name forever!  For you are just in all You have done; all Your works are true and Your ways right, and all Your judgments are true. You have executed true judgments in all You have brought upon us and upon Jerusalem, the holy city of our ancestors; by a true judgment You have brought all this upon us because of our sins. For we have sinned and broken Your law in turning away from You; in all matters we have sinned grievously. We have not obeyed Your commandments, we have not kept them or done what You have commanded us for our own good. So all that You have brought upon us, and all that You have done to us, You have done by a true judgment.  You have handed us over to our enemies, lawless and hateful rebels, and to an unjust king, the most wicked in all the world. And now we cannot open our mouths; we, Your servants who worship you, have become a shame and a reproach. For Your name’s sake do not give us up forever, and do not annul Your covenant. Do not withdraw Your mercy from us, for the sake of Abraham your beloved and for the sake of Your servant Isaac and Israel Your holy one, to whom You promised to multiply their descendants like the stars of heaven and like the sand on the shore of the sea. For we, O Lord, have become fewer than any other nation, and are brought low this day in all the world because of our sins. In our day we have no ruler, or prophet, or leader, no burnt offering, or sacrifice, or oblation, or incense, no place to make an offering before You and to find mercy. Yet with a contrite heart and a humble spirit may we be accepted, as though it were with burnt offerings of rams and bulls, or with tens of thousands of fat lambs; such may our sacrifice be in Your sight today, and may we unreservedly follow You, for no shame will come to those who trust in You. And now with all our heart we follow You; we fear You and seek Your presence. Do not put us to shame, but deal with us in Your patience and in Your abundant mercy.  Deliver us in accordance with Your marvelous works, and bring glory to Your name, O Lord. Let all who do harm to Your servants be put to shame; let them be disgraced and deprived of all power, and let their strength be broken. Let them know that You alone are the Lord God, glorious over the whole world.”


Lord Almighty, God of our ancestors,
God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,
and their righteous children,
you made heaven and earth
with all their beauty.
You set limits for the sea
by speaking your command.
You closed the bottomless pit,
and sealed it by your powerful
and glorious name.
 All things fear you and tremble
in your presence,
because no one can endure
the brightness of your glory.
No one can resist the fury
of your threat against sinners.

But your promised mercies
are beyond measure and imagination,
because you are the highest, Lord,
kind, patient, and merciful,
and you feel sorry over human troubles

You, Lord, according to
your gentle grace,
promised forgiveness to those
who are sorry for their sins.
In your great mercy,
you allowed sinners to turn
 from their sins and find salvation.
Therefore, Lord,
God of those who do what is right,
 you didn’t offer
 Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
 who didn’t sin against you,
 a chance to change their hearts and lives.

But you offer me, the sinner,

the chance to change my heart and life,

because my sins out numbered

the grains of sand by the sea.

My sins are many, Lord; they are many.
I am not worthy to look up,
to gaze into heaven
because of my many sins.

Now, Lord, I suffer justly.
I deserve the troubles I encounter.
Already I’m caught in a trap.
 I’m held down by iron chains
so that I can’t lift up my head
because of my sins.
There’s no relief for me,
because I made you angry,
doing wrong in front of your face,
setting up false gods
and committing offenses.

Now I bow down before you
from deep within my heart,
begging for your kindness.
I have sinned, Lord, I have sinned,
and I know the laws I’ve broken.
I’m praying, begging you:
Forgive me, Lord, forgive me.

Don’t destroy me along with my sins.
Don’t keep my bad deeds
in your memory forever.
Don’t sentence me to the earth’s depths,
for you, Lord, are the God
of those who turn from their sins.
 In me you’ll show how kind you are.
 Although I’m not worthy,

you’ll save me according
to your great mercy.

I will praise you continuously
all the days of my life,
because all of heaven’s forces praise you,
and the glory is yours
forever and always. Amen.


Lord, deprive me not of Your heavenly and eternal blessings.

Lord, deliver me from everlasting torments.

Lord, if I have sinned in word or deed, in mind or spirit, forgive me.

Lord, deliver me from all distress, ignorance, forgetfulness, laziness and stony hardness of heart.

Lord, deliver me from all temptations and spiritual abandonment.

Lord, enlighten my heart which has been darkened by evil desire.

Lord, being human, I sin; but You, being God, have mercy on me.

Lord, take heed of the weakness of my soul, and help me with Your grace that Your holy name may be glorified in me.

Lord Jesus Christ, inscribe the name of Your servant in the book of life, granting me a blessed end.

Lord my God, I have done nothing good; yet by Your compassion help me to make a new beginning.

Lord, refresh my heart with the dew of Your grace

Lord, God of heaven and earth, remember me, who am sinful, wretched, evil and impure, in Your kingdom, according to Your steadfast love.

Lord, receive me in repentance and do not forsake me.

Lord, put me not to the test.

Lord, grant me good thoughts.

Lord, grant me tears of repentance, remembrance of death and contrition.

Lord, grant me sincere confession of my thought.

Lord, grant me humility, deliverance from my own will and obedience.

Lord, grant me patience, forbearance and meekness.

Lord, implant in me Your holy fear, the source of all blessings.

Lord, enable me to love You with all my soul, my mind and my heart; and my neighbor as myself.

Lord, protect me from evil people and demons, from impure passions and all unseemly things.

Lord, as you commanded; Lord, as You know all things; Lord as You desire I desire Your goodness; let Your will be done in me.

Lord, let Your will, not mine, be done through the intercessions of the all-holy Theotokos and of all the Saints, for You are blessed forever. Amen.



(Wudase Mariam)



The Lord desired to set Adam free, who was saddened and sorrowful at heart, and to bring him back to his former throne.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


He came forth in flesh from the Virgin, and without the seed of man, He saved us.
God passed a decree of judgment upon Eve, who had been tricked by the serpent, saying , "I will greatly increase your pain and your labor."(Gen 3:16) But because of His love of mankind, He set her free.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


The one who became man and dwelt among us is Jesus Christ, the Word of God. We have seen His glory; the glory as of the only begotten Son of the Father and He desired to forgive us.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


Isaiah the prophet, through the spirit of prophecy, saw the mystery of Emmanuel. He, therefore, cried out saying, "A child is born to us, a Son is given to us."
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


Rejoice and be joyful O’ mankind, for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16). The highest has sent to us His arm.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


He who was, who is, and who is yet to come  — Jesus Christ  — the Word who was incarnate without change, was perfect in his humanity. His divinity did not separate, nor was it found to be divided in any of His deeds. Rather, the Word of God is One Form, One Being, and One Divinity...
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


Rejoice O’ Bethlehem, the city of the prophets, for within your city Christ, the Second Adam was born. That He may bring the former Adam from earth to paradise, to get rid of the decree that says "O’ Adam you are dust and to dust you will return." For ‘where sin abounds, therein grace abounds exceedingly.”(Rom 5:20)
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


The soul of mankind will rejoice and be joyful. And all will give praise together with the angels to Christ the King saying, "Glory to God in the heavens, peace on earth and good will towards men" for He erased the old curse, abolished the plot of the enemy, and tore the debt letter of Adam and Eve. He, who was born for us in the city of David, Jesus Christ, has set them free.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


You are the true Light which shines for the people of the world, You came into this world for the sake of Your love for mankind. All creation rejoiced in Your coming, for You saved Adam from his iniquity and freed Eve from slavery to death. You have given us the gift of being born of the spirit and we praise You with the angels.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!



The prize of our faith, the origin of our salvation, the foundation of our sanctity came about through the Virgin Mary who brought forth the Word of God for our salvation. He is a perfect God even when He became man hence, she gave birth to Him being a Virgin. The greatness of Her ability to give birth to God cannot be fathomed or explained.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


Out of His own will, and the desire of His Father and the Holy Spirit, He came down and saved us. 
O! Mary, who is ever Virgin, your Virginity is extraordinary that is worthy of admiration. You are full of grace because God is with you. You are Jacob's Ladder that stretched from earth to heavens where he saw the angels ascend and descend upon it.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


You are the burning bush that Moses saw. The fire is the Son of God who came down and dwelt in your womb. And the fire of His divinity did not consume your flesh.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


You are a garden in which no seed is scattered but the fruit of life grew from you. You are also Joseph's Treasure chest which he bought and discovered a precious pearl in it. That pearl is our Savior, Jesus Christ. He dwelt in your womb and you brought Him forth in this world.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


He is the Word of the eternal Father who descended to the top of Mount Sinai, covered the mountain with mist and smoke, thick cloud, thunder, and lighting; and rebuked those who stood in fear.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


Rejoice! O! Mother of the Lord, the joy of the angels. Rejoice! O! the pure one, whom the prophets prophecy about. Rejoice! for you have found favor with God since He is with you. Rejoice! for you accepted the word of the angel which is the joy of all the world. Rejoice O! Bearer of the One who created the entire world.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


Rejoice! for you deserved to be called the Mother of God. Rejoice! the reason of salvation for Eve. Rejoice! for you breastfed Him who nurtures the entire creation. Rejoice O! the Mother of the righteous. We lift up our eyes to you seeking your prayer.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


​O! Virgin, O! the holy one, O! Mother of our Lord, when the incredible mystery of incarnation happened through you for our salvation, you gave birth to our King. We cannot explain the magnitude of His greatness who created all creatures in a distinct manner.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


O! Mary, the orator of humility, you are the mountain where He, the lover of mankind, descended upon you and incarnated from you without change. While He became like us, a perfect conscious human; He is the divine who dwelt in her womb with the work of the Holy Spirit. He became fully human so that He would salvage Adam and erase his sin, reinstate him in heaven and out of His abundant mercy and compassion return him back to his original place.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


It is impossible to describe the honor of the Virgin for the Lord chose her. He, who dwells in a light that no one can get closer to, came and dwell in her. He dwelt in her womb for nine months and She gave birth to Him who is invisible and inexplicable.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


The Rock that Daniel the prophet saw which was cut out from a high mountain, but not by human hands is the Word who is begotten from the Father and came down without the seed of man, born from the Virgin to redeem us.
Pray for us the Holy one!


​You are the pure blossom, the vessel of faith, the true origin of righteousness for the holy fathers. O! the pure one, the Mother of God, the sealed Virgin, you brought the word of the Father, Jesus Christ for us. And He came to save us.
Pray for us the Holy one!


You are the honorable Mother of the true Light, who gave birth to our Lord, who conceived the invisible Word. Everyone praises you for you are ever-virgin after you gave birth to Him.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


O! the pure Virgin, Mother of the Word of God, what kind of mouth can fully explain the wonders that happened through you? You become a throne for Him whom the Cherubim carry. O! the blessed one we honor you. The beautiful dove who is the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ we will proclaim your name from generation to generation.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!


Rejoice O! Mary, Mother, and Maid, for the angel's worship whom you carried on your bosom. The Cherubim kneel down to Him in fear. The Seraphim spread their wing and cry out to Him ceaselessly saying "This is the king of Glory who came down to remit the sins of the world."
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!



All the legion of angels say "Blessed are you O! the second heaven on earth." Virgin Mary is indeed the gate from the East. She is the wedding chamber of the Holy Bridegroom. When God the Father looked down on earth from the heavens and found none like you, He sent His only begotten Son and He took flesh from you.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

Every generation blesses you for you alone are our Lady, the Mother of God. O! you, the City of God, the prophets foretell amazing things about you. All kings of the earth, their soldiers and their nations walk in the light that is from you.  For you became a home of the joyful righteous. O!, Mary, all generations shall praise you. And they Worship and magnify Him who is born from you.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

You are the true cloud where we perceived the freshwater the sign of the Son Incarnate. God the Father chose you, the Holy Spirit dwelt in you, and the power of most high overshadowed you. O! Mary you truly gave birth to the Word, the Son of God who lives forever. And He came and delivered us from sin. O! Angel Gabriel, the joyful announcer, it is a great honor that is given to you. You told us the news of the Lord's coming and You announced Him to the Virgin Mary, the spotless virgin saying "Rejoice, you who are full of grace, for the Lord is with you."
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

You received the grace of the Holy  Spirit and He dwelt in you, the power of the most high overshadowed you. O! Mary you truly gave birth to the Holy one who is the Savior of the world. He came and He saved us.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

Our tongue honors the life of the Virgin Mary. Indeed today, let us praise Mary, the Mother of God, for she gave birth to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the city of David. All nations, come and let us honor Mary for she became a Mother and a Virgin. Let us rejoice! You who are undefiled, the ever pure Virgin for the Word of the Father came down and took flesh from you. Rejoice! For you carried Him, the one who never separated and is One with the Father. Rejoice! The perfect vessel, for there is no spot unto you or blemish. Rejoice! The human heaven, the dwelling place of the second Adam.

Rejoice! You are the beauty of praise and He became man for the sake of the former Adam. Rejoice! The pure wedding chamber where the One who is adorned with all the glory became man from you. Rejoice! The burning bush which the Divine fire didn't consume. Rejoice! Mother and Maid, Virgin and Heaven for you carried in your flesh - the One who sits on the cherubic throne. Therefore let us truly rejoice and praise with the holy angels. Let us say "Glory to God in heaven and peace on earth." For He who deserved Glory, Praise, and Honor favored you.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

​The honor of the Virgin Mary is greater than all the saints. She was indeed found being worthy of accepting the Word of God. She carried Him in her womb, whom the angels fear and the watchful principalities praise in heavens. She is greater than the Cherubim and superior than the Seraphim.  She became the dwelling place for one of the three persons of the Triune God. She is Jerusalem, the land of prophets. She is the blissful resting place of all the saints.

​A great light shined for those who were living in darkness and shadow of death through her. God, who abide on the righteous became man from this special virgin for our salvation. Therefore, come and see this miracle and give praise for the revealing of such mystery. For He who was without flesh became a man, the Word of God incarnated. He who is without a beginning took up for Himself a beginning.  The Unknown God became known. The invisible One is revealed. The Son of the living God indeed became man. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever is One Nature.  And for this, we worship and praise Him.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

​Ezekiel the prophet testified about her saying "I saw the outer gate of the sanctuary, the one facing east and it was shut with an incredible key. The Lord almighty is the only one to enter and went out the same way."
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

​The gate and the doorway who bring forth our Savior is the Virgin and after birth she lived being a virgin as before. The Mother of the Lord, blessed is the fruit of your womb, who came to deliver us from a merciless enemy. You are perfect and blessed as well, for you have found favor with the True glorious God. Therefore, out of all earthly beings, you deserve honor and exultation. The Word of God came and incarnated from you and He became like us. He redeemed us in a marvelous manner. For He is merciful, compassionate, and lover of mankind.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!



The spotless Virgin Mary resembles the burning bush that Moses saw in the desert where the leaves of the bush was not burnt. Even when the Word of God became man through her, His  Divinity did not consume her and her virginity continued intact after giving birth. His humanity was also not altered because of His Divinity; for He is the true God, our God, who came down to save us.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

We all exalt you our Lady who gave birth to God, for your compassionate prayer is for all of us.

When Eve rebelled and ate the fruit and our nature become subjected to the original sin, the Virgin Mary became the pride of us all by giving birth to God, who erased our curse. The Garden of Eden was shut because of Eve. But it is reopened through the Virgin Mary, for Her Son granted us to eat the tree of life, which is the Holy Body and Precious Blood of Christ - who saved all mankind out of His love. Who can fully understand about this marvelous mystery that we talk about her?

What kind of mouth can explain? And what kind of ear hear? The One and only God, the lover of mankind, who was there before the creation of the world, the Son of God the Father, came down and became man from His holy Mother without changing His Divinity. Her Virginity is unaltered after she gave birth. And for that, it is known that she gave birth to God. How vast and deep is God's wisdom. A womb that is predestined to a painful childbearing became the source of eternal life. Without the seed of man, she gave birth to Him. Therefore, let us praise Him saying "O! the lover of mankind, all glory is due to you for you are compassionate and savior of our humanity."
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

How wondrous is what took place in the Virgin's womb, who gave birth to God without the seed of man? The angel who appeared to Joseph testified joyfully saying "He, who will be born from her with the work of the Holy Spirit, is the Word of God who became man without alteration." The Virgin Mary gave birth to Him who is far more greater joy for the world. The angel said to her "you will give birth to a Son and He will be called Emmanuel," which means God is with us. Also He will be called Jesus, for He will save His people from their sin. Glory be to Him forever, whom we actually know is God but became man to deliver us with His mighty work and erase our sins. How amazing is His incarnation from this special Virgin? And she bound the Word of God. He neither required the seed of man for His birth nor was Her virginity altered for His birth. The Word of God is begotten from God the Father without any weariness and born without pain from the Virgin. The wise men worshiped Him and brought Him incense for He is God; they brought Him gold for He is eternal King, and they brought Him myrrh for His life-giving death that He accepted willingly. He is the only one who is compassionate and lover of mankind.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One! 

How amazing it is to take one rib from Adam's side and create the woman and all the generations after? Then the Lord, the Word of God is given to us. He was named Emmanuel after being born of the Virgin. Therefore, let us ask Her to plead for us from Her beloved Son. She is compassionate in the eyes of the Saints and the Bishops; for she gave birth to the One whom they implore. And for the prophets, she gave birth to the One whom they prophesied about. And for the apostles, she gave birth to the One whom they preached in His name to the ends of the world. And for martyrs and believers, who died for His name; she gave birth to Jesus Christ, whose wisdom of grace cannot be measured. Let us then contemplate on His level of mercy for He came to save us.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

The Lord swore an oath to David, a sure oath that he will not revoke, saying “Out of your own descendants, I will place on your throne." And God doesn't regret saying this. David himself, the righteous, when he believed that Christ is going to be born in flesh from his descendants, he wanted to find the place of birth for the Word of God. Then he did the search diligently and prophesied saying "We heard Him in Ephrata." This is the dwelling place of the God of Jacob that Emmanuel chose to be born in the flesh to save us. And again, one of the prophets Micah, said “But you, Ephrata part of Bethlehem, you are not small among the country of kings of Judah, out of you will come for my people, the Israelite, the one who will be ruler over Israel." How amazing is that the two prophets who collaborated and prophesied about Christ, who is due praise from now to eternity with His Father and the Holy Spirit?
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

When David's enemies revolted against him, who was the king of Israel, he wished to drink fountain water from Bethlehem. Then his captains quickly got up, fought through his enemies' camp and brought him what he wished to drink. And when David saw how they gave up their life boldly for him, he spilled the water and didn't drink from it. And that is counted as righteousness for him. Martyrs ignored the pleasures of this world, spilled their blood for the sake of God, and endured the bitterness of death for the sake of heavenly kingdom. According to the greatness of Your compassion, have mercy on us.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

One of the Triune God, God the Son, came down from heaven and became humble for us. Seeing how disgraced we became, He dwelt in the womb of the Virgin. He became everything we are except being corrupt by sin. As the prophets prophesied, He was born in Bethlehem and made us His own people.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!



Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb. O! Virgin Mary, who gave birth to God without corruption, the true Sun rose for us from you. He brought us closer to Him under the wings of His own goodwill for He created us.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

Our Lady who gave birth to God, we exalt you in praise and honor you because you are the Mother of the True Light. You, who are blessed is greater than the angels and superior than the children of Adam. You transcend from all of our thoughts. Who can speak of your greatness for there is none like you. O!, Mary,  the angels exalt you and the Seraphim praise you for He who dwells upon the Seraphim and Cherubim came down and dwelt in you. And by the lover of mankind, He drew us towards Himself and abolished the death that belonged to us and gave us His life. To Him be glory and praise!
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

O! Virgin Mary, the pride of all virgins, you are blessed and blessed is the fruit of your womb; for He who was before the creation of the world became man through you.  He who is born from you took our flesh and gave us the Holy Spirit and out of His abundance compassion, He made us to be like Him. You are greater than all women who received grace and honor.  O! Mary, Mother of God, you are a spiritual city that God the most high dwelt in you; for you held the Lord, who dwells upon the Cherubim and Seraphim, in the palms of your hand. He nurtures the world out of His great compassion and it is He who breastfed from you, who is our God and the Savior of all. He will protect us forever, so let us worship and praise Him for He created us.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

Virgin Mary is a vessel for heavenly perfume and the source for the fountain of life for the fruit of her womb saved all mankind.  He abolished the curse from us and as the mediator on the cross, He reconciled us. And through His extraordinary resurrection, He brought back Adam to his original place.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

Pure Virgin Mary is the faithful Mother of God and she intercedes mercy for mankind. Virgin Mary, beseech to your Son Christ so that He may forgive us of our sins.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

The Virgin Mary spoke in the temple saying "God knows that I have never had a husband and that I have only heard the sound of the voice of the angel who brought me the good news and said, "Peace be to You, O Holy Virgin!" You will bear Him  who cannot be born, and will contain Him who cannot be contained in any measure." O! you who are full of grace and honor, you will be praised in many ways with an absolute honor for you became the dwelling place of the Word of God the Father. You are the large tent that gathers believers in Christ and who teaches them to worship the Holy Trinity. You are the one who conceived the pillar of fire that Moses saw, who was the Son of God that dwelt in your womb. You became the dwelling place for the Lord who created heaven and earth.

You carried Him in your womb for nine months. You are faithful to the one whom heaven and earth cannot confine. You became a ladder for us to ascend from earth to heaven. Your brightness shine more than the sun.  Your womb is the eastern horizon who brought us the star that the righteous gazed at joyfully.  That same womb was what the Lord cursed to give birth in pain and agony through Eve. But you, Virgin Mary, you heard the voice saying "rejoice who is full of grace" and you gave birth to the King and ruler of all creations, who came to salvage us. Therefore, we praise you as the angel Gabriel said, saying "Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb. Rejoice, O! you who is full of grace, God is with you."
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!



She, who held the Lord in the palms of her hand, is pure, illuminated and holy in every way. All creations joyfully cry out saying,
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

"Rejoice, O!  You, who is full of grace!  Rejoice, for you have found favor! Rejoice, for God is with you!"

The graceful Virgin, we marvel and praise your greatness. As the Angel Gabriel exalt you, we also exalt you for the salvation of our race is fulfilled by the fruit of your womb and He brought us near to God, His Father.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

You are like a spotless wedding chamber for the Holy Spirit dwelt in you and the power of the most high overshadowed you. O! Mary, you gave birth to the eternal Word, the Son of God, who came down to save us.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

You are begotten from the root of David and gave birth in the flesh to our Savior Jesus Christ. He who is begotten of the Father and who was before the creation of the world, the One Word, hid His Divine nature in you and took the flesh of a servant.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

O! You who gave birth to God without corruption, you became the second heaven for the true Sun rose from you. As the prophecy of the prophets, you gave birth to Him without alteration or the seed of man.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

You are the tabernacle that is called the holy of holies, which holds the ark of the covenant and the golden vessel which has the hidden manna. That manna is the Son of God, who dwelt in her womb. The Word of God became man through her without blemish and she gave birth to Him into this world, who is King by His nature. The Mother of  Christ rejoices for the human lamb and the eternal Son of God the Father came to save us from our sin.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

You are called the Mother of Christ the King and after you gave birth to Him, you lived being a Virgin. You gave birth to Emmanuel in a marvelous mystery, therefore; He conserved your Virginity.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

You are the ladder that Jacob saw where God sat at the top of it, for you held Him in your womb without carnal knowledge which is beyond comprehension. You became our intercessor to Jesus Christ who became man from you for our salvation.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

O! The blessed and pure chamber, indeed the Lord is begotten from you so that out of His compassion, He would salvage the world that He created. Therefore, let us praise Him for He is compassionate and the lover of mankind.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

Rejoice O! Full of grace, who became a virgin without any corruption. You are a pure chalice and the pride of the world. You are a lamp which cannot be blown out. You are a temple that cannot be destroyed. You are the rod/staff of faith that the righteous lean on. Plead for us to your compassionate Son, who is our salvation, so He will have mercy on us and erase and forgive our sins.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!



O! You who is blessed among all women, you are called the beloved. You are the second chamber, that is called the holy of holies which holds the ark of the covenant. That covenant is the Ten Commandments that is written by the finger of God. He, who became man from you without change revealed to us His first name through "yohwta" which is the first letter of the Name of our redeemer Jesus Christ. He became the Mediator of the New Covenant and He cleansed those who believed in the shedding of His precious blood for us.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

We exalt you O! our Lady, the Mother of God, for you are ever pure. We lift our eyes to you and plead you that we receive the grace of forgiveness from the lover of mankind, the Lord. The Ark which was made from wood that will never perish and overlaid inside out with gold symbolizes the Word of God, which became man without separation or alteration. And that is the Pure Divinity of God that cannot change. He, being one with the Father, announced Himself to the pure virgin. In His exceptional divine wisdom, He became like us without the seed of man and He incarnate His divine nature without corruption and became man through you.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

You are the sanctuary which is surrounded by the Cherubim who are fashioned by God's divine work. O! The pure one, the Word that became man through you without change is the one who erased our sin and eliminated our transgression.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

You are the pure golden vessel in which you hold the hidden manna, the Holy Bread who descended from heaven to give eternal life to the entire world.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

You are the golden candlestick that holds the bright flame at all times. This Light is the light of the world. He is Light of Light who doesn't have a beginning. He is true God of true God who became man from you without alteration. He became light to those of us who live in the shadow and darkness of death. Through His divine wisdom, which is the mystery of incarnation, he set our  feet upon the path of peace.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

You are the censer of gold, which carried the burning coal that Aaron (the blessed) took from the sanctuary for the redemption of sin and to blot our inequity; and that is the Word of God the Father, who incarnated from you. He offered Himself to His Father as an incense of a perfect sacrifice.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

Rejoice O! Mary the good dove who gave birth to the Word of God for us. You are the sweet scented flower that sprung up from the root of Jesse.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

You are Aaron's rod which blossomed without being planted and nurtured with water. In like manner, You are like that in giving birth to Christ our God to save us without the seed of man.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

O! Full of grace, it is fitting for you to pray on behalf of us than all the righteous. You are greater than the arch bishops. Your deserve honor more than the Cherubim and the Seraphim. Truly, you are the pride of our race and the pleader of life to our humanity. Beseech for us to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so that He will make us stand firm in the righteous faith, grant us His mercy and forgiveness and that He may erase our sins out of His compassion.
Pray for us, O! the Holy One!

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