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Spiritual Hymns

Nation of The Cross
Nation of The Cross

We are the nation of the cross

Our home is built in the heavens (Philippians 3:20)

We love Christ by choice not by force

Our message will be forgiveness 

As it is written for His sake we’re killed all day long (Romans 8:36)

And we desire to live with Him where we belong

If Christ is magnified in our death then let it be

For He's the one who died on the cross and set us free

We fear not those who kill the body but not the soul (Matthew 10:28)

But we fear God, He who can destroy both inside hell

When we live on this earth we know that we will suffer (John 16:33)

But Jesus overcame this world so we will cheer.

The gates of hell shall not prevail against our nation (Matthew 16:18)

It’s built upon the faith of rock that stays unshaken

We are not strange to witness the life of martyrdom

We know that God will honor their blood in His kingdom

The Old is Gone
The Old is Gone

The old is gone the new has come (2nd Corinthians 5:17)

I have been made new in Christ

The old is gone the new has come

My King comes shining in the night


I left my father’s home (Luke 15:11)

I thought there’s something better

I was eating with swine

I lived like a beggar

Thinking of how evil that I have been

I went to my father without hesitation He forgave my sins


The sickness and the pain (Matthew 9:20)

All that I’ve endured

The blood from my body

Made me feel impure

I knew my savior would heal me I was sure

When I touched His garment twelve years of disease suddenly I was cured


Every day I watched (John 5:1-15)

Others being healed

Unable to move

Sadness I would feel

The Lord was my hope He came to rescue me

“Carry your bed” said the King, and I was set free


Dear Lord remember not

The sins I’ve committed

I’m done with my past

My heart I’ve submitted

My journey is not done so I go forward

I will not give up until I receive my heavenly reward.


Theotokos (4)

You’re truly full of wonder

You’re truly our mother

Isaiah saw this mystery (Isaiah 7:14)

About your virginity

When you read his prophecy

You showed your humility

You shall rejoice O God bearer! (Luke 1:28)

Since you gave us the redeemer

We lift our eyes to you and pray

For your compassion today

You are the true censer of gold (Exodus 30:1-9) (Leviticus 16:12)

Since you carried the burning coal

You are also like Aarons rod (Numbers 17:8)

Without seed you brought us God

O! Mary joy of angels          

The Virgin foretold by the prophets

Rejoice for you have found favor (Luke 1:28)

God’s grace is yours forever

I can't do it alone
I can't do it alone

I can't do it alone, Lord be my strength /2/

My soul longs for you, show me your truth /2/

Help me cry and regret my sins, Lord forgive me /2/

Give me, a repentant heart with humility


Give me tears of repentance, The Tears of St. Peter

The tears of the woman who cried, washed, Your feet with her hair

Give me the tears of King David, and his humble heart

Let me cry to cleanse my sins, give me true regret...

I can't do it alone, Lord be my strength.

Chorus (I can't do it alone..)


You are my hope and my Lord, shine your guiding light

I repent, confess, all my sins, alone I cannot fight

Help me to live righteously, give me a way out

I am empty without you, send me your spirit

I can't do it alone, Lord be my strength.

Chorus (I can't do it alone..)


Grant me depth in knowing you, teach me the right path

Reveal, to me Your mysteries, please strengthen my faith

You suffered on my behalf,  on the cross you died

You gave me Your flesh and blood, so I can be saved

I can't do it alone, Lord be my strength.

The Spirit
The Spirit

The spirit within me that abides

You are my true teacher and my guide (John 14:26)

One with the Father and the Son

I worship You with devotion (2)


As Christ had promised You came (John 16:7)

Your temple is what my soul became

You kindled my heart like a flame (2)

Like the wind blows where it wishes (John 3:8)

With the abundance of Your riches

Come dwell in me Holy Spirit (2)

Holy Spirit descend from above (Matthew 3:16)

My paraclete immaculate dove

I am sealed with Your forgiving love (2) (Ephesians 4:30)

With you leading me to the truth (John 16:13)

I walk in Christ in the days of my youth

I will pour Your praise from my mouth (2)

The Stars
The Stars

The Stars that shine in the darkness

Fountains of hope in the desert

Listen to the march of the martyrs

The heroes and fighters of the faith

Defenders of the Faith.

The first martyr Saint Stephen

While they were stoning you, you showed your mercy

For that You saw in the heavens the Holy Trinity

How you lived and died is Christ’s reflection

And your faith inspires our generation

Oh! Saint Stephen the first martyr defender of the faith.

The Stars…

The Armenian virgin Saint Arsema (Rasphime)

When the king lusted after your beauty

He didn’t know you kept yourself in purity

You loved Christ till death with true affection

And your faith inspires our generation!

Oh! Saint Arsema the Armenian virgin defender of the faith

The Stars…

Saint George the Roman soldier

With your faith in Christ, you slayed the beast

In the heavens you sit, today with the high priest

You overcame trials and tribulations

And your faith inspires our generation!

O! Saint George the Roman soldier defender of the faith.

The Stars…

The thirty martyrs of Orthodox

Enemies of Christ they waged a war

You answered the call on the Libyan shore

You received your crown with persecution

And your faith inspires our generation!

O! Martyrs of the Libyan shore, defenders of the faith.

I have seen all I need
I have seen all I need

I have seen all I need (3) (Luke 2)

My Lord is here indeed


I was in disbelief of a virgin birth

But now I have seen this mystery here on earth

I waited for so long to see this prophecy

And now I have seen my Lord who came to rescue me

Without leaving His throne He came down from above

Although my sins were great He came to show His love

And now I can declare that I have been set free

My God is truly One and in One He is Three

My Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior and my King

I always worship Him it’s His name that I sing

The light of the world He’s all that I can see

The Word became flesh, and He came to save me

The Son becoming Man this holy mystery

No one can understand this sacred unity

Those who have eyes see! Those who have ears hear!

Christ has come to this world there’s nothing else to fear

I won't Forget
I won't Forget

I won’t forget what you did for me

Oh, Lord you went to hell for me

To save me from misery

Oh, Lord You went to hell for me

To defeat my adversary


I sold my soul to the serpent

I was stripped of being Your son

I was alone and deserted

Until my fate you reverted.

You saved the wretched one like me

Though I don’t deserve to be

You surrendered Yourself for me

With Your blood You set me free.


The weight of my sin was a burden

My condition seem to worsen

But then you came for the rescue

And paid my debt that I was due.

You saved the wretched one like me

Though I don’t deserve to be

You surrendered Yourself for me

With Your blood You set me free.


Never deserved, your divine gift

Up to the cross, you loved me first

And now I shout, from the rooftops

I’ll sing for You, I will not stop.

You saved the wretched one like me

Though I don’t deserve to be

You surrendered Yourself for me

With Your blood You set me free

The Angel
The Angel

The Angel of the Lord surrounds (Psalm 34:7)

Those who fear him and bounds (Psalm 34:7)

Them from any trap and from harm (Psalm 34:7)

Delivers them who rely on him, delivers them (Psalm 34:7)

He led the Israelites in the desert (Exodus 23:20)

As he comforted Daniel the prophet (Daniel 10:13-21)

Saint Michael is one of the Arch Angels

Who beseeches mercy for the faithful

He saved the three children in Babylon (Daniel 3:25)

Annunciated Saint Mary the Virgin (Luke 2)

In the presence of God he stands for all (Luke 1:19)

Saint Gabriel intercede so we don’t fall

The Angel of peace with a grace to heal

He gives health, the archangel Raphael

He gave Ezra the chalice of wisdom

Archangel Uriel guide us to freedom

The servants of the Lord are Archangels

They’re our shields in spiritual struggles

They are sent forth to minister for us (Hebrews 1:14)

For our salvation so we could be heirs

The Purest of the Pure
The Purest of the Pure

The garden enclosed my dove (Songs of Solomon 4:12)

There is no spot unto you or blemish

A fountain sealed from above (Songs of Solomon 4:12)

Intercede for us so we won’t perish

The purest of the pure you are

The holiest of the holies by far

The shiniest of all the stars

The unborn bow down to you (Luke 1:41)

The angels astonished by your meekness

And the elders praise you too

For you’ve begotten their Master Jesus

The adorned temple of God

The queen who will stand upon God’s right side (Psalm 45:9)

When Eve sinned we were exiled

But we’re given a mother who’s our pride (John 1:27)

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