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1. Who do people say I am?

This course covered the historical and theological teachings of the Person of Jesus of Nazareth.  The purpose of this course will be two folds: to properly identify Christ Jesus for who He truly was and to enable students to confidently provide reasons for their faith in Christianity.

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2. Where does it say that in the Bible? (7 sacraments)

This course covered the mystical teachings of the Seven Sacraments of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.  The purpose of these sacraments and to whom they are offered will be explained in detail.  In addition, through the discussion of each sacrament, the “visible” and “invisible” signs that are revealed will be discussed.  Upon completion of the course, students will have a rudimentary understanding of the sacraments and how these sacraments effects their lives.

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3. The Pillars of Our Faith

This course covered the teachings of the Five Pillars of Faith of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.  Because the Pillars require a foundation, however, and since the foundation of our faith is the belief in God, we will also study the methods that God has employed to reveal Himself to Man.  Having strengthened our faith in God, we will be equipped with the tools necessary to witness our faith to the world by understanding the field of Homiletics

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4. Everlasting Remembrance

This course covered why the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church venerates the Saints, calls saints holy, prostrates in front of their icons and much more.

5. Commentary on the Book of Matthew Pt 1 & Pt 2

These two courses covered various chapters in the Gospel of Matthew.  This courses encompassed a lecture and discussion sessions.

6. Is Your Soil Fruitful?

This course covered the parable of the farmer scattering the seed (Matthew 13-23).  We will survey the four different types of soils presented in the parable and provide an explanation for each type of soil.  This course will also encompass discussion sessions. At the discussion sessions, students will be encouraged to reflect on the different soil types being discussed.

7. The Ten Commandments

This course covers what we usually  think that we know but overlook.- the Ten commandments. And also the course helps to see on how we can practically apply these commandments in our day to day life.

8. Godly Sorrow (Sacraments of Confession and Communion)

This course covers what is the true teaching about confession and communion. It also covers the misconceptions that inhibits us not to live a sacramental life specially for the youth.

9. Finding the missing Link

This course aims to give a fundamental understanding of the Old Testament as it relates to the New Testament.  It will do so by surveying key events and characters that shaped the course of the bible.

10. Dating back to purity

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